Analysis Of Chris Mccandless 's ' The Wild And Never Came Back Out '

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Maryna Nguyen
Ms. Mensen
US Lit. A
24 November 2014
Chris McCandless: Who Went Into The Wild and Never Came Back Out To the average person, going off and living off the land is far fetched from the ideal “perfect life” or “American Dream”. To Christopher McCandless, it’s another story, he isn’t the type of person to “stick to the status quo”, he follows the things that he believes could benefit himself. To some people, it may be narcissistic because it’s selfish to only think about what is good for yourself, but to others it could be heroic to have courage to be able to stand out from and break conformity. Chris McCandless, who was well liked and very educated man, left the life that many people desire to have behind and he went off to “live off the land, to survive off of the resources that nature offered he immersed himself in nature to find himself. It takes a lot of courage and guts to go out and “live off the land” with limited supplies but it also takes a lot of skills to do it well, and he underestimated what Mother Nature could do, leading to his death.
Chris McCandless’ was well liked by the many people he met while he was on the road, he made an impact on everyone that he met, as Wayne Westerberg said, “A lot of folks here in town got attached to old Alex. Kind of a strange deal what happened to him.” (Krakauer 16), People loved and adored Christopher McCandless, even though he left to go live in the wild by himself, that didn’t make him antisocial. He also liked…
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