Analysis Of Chris Opening Monologue For The Oscar '

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Transcript of Chris Opening Monologue for the Oscars mainly conveys the unnecessity of boycotting the Oscars in a humorous way. He uses exclamation marks and question marks to make the audiences involved in the speech. He asserts them to question people who boycott racism. Moreover, he answers his own questions like; “Is it “Fetch me some lemonade” racist? No!” It creates Ethos in the audiences. Moreover, Rock also tries to find the real problem in Oscar. “He says we want the black actors to get the same opportunity as white actors.” He searches for the real problem, this makes his speech logical and creates Logos in audiences. Other than searching for a solution, he also declares that this is not something which people should react too much. For him, it is not logical to…show more content…
Rock refers to the large group of people. However some of his sentences and words like; “People get mad” and “black” directly targets African Americans who boycott Oscar. At the same time, he causes white people to feel uncomfortable since white people who get prize may think that they did not deserve it. Rock also makes funny statements like “Me boycotting Rihanna’s panties.” He says that people will not able to change the current situation. Furthermore, he avoids making people nervous because of the unpleasant and problematic topic. This is the reason why he uses satiric sentences. Also, he shows racism problem as something easy to solve with the help of the humor. For example, he says “Like best black friend” after discussing having a black category like a women category. Rock sustains his
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