Analysis Of Christine Nixon 's Theory On The Culture Of Victoria Police

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1.0 Introduction:
The essay is based upon the analysis of case study Christine Nixon’s attempt in transforming the culture of Victoria Police. Through this essay different approaches and theories of management are discussed and incorporated to understand the concepts of change. In response, focus on the fact that how effective leadership can transform the strong management culture within a workplace. This essay would further then demonstrate that people’s psychic prison could result in creating a bad workplace culture. Psychic prison is defined “as a knack of for getting trapped in webs of our own ideas, thoughts and actions consciously or unconsciously” (Morgan 2006 pp.207). In this essay, various concepts of management has been analysed in the form of psychic prison such as habitus, dominant logic, discourse, paradigms, groupthink and culture. As a HR manager it’s important to maintain good workplace culture all the time not for organization reputation but it would further assist the organization and management in achieving long term success. Finally, this essay would provide an overview to management, HR manger that how effective leadership can form an important aspect for transforming strong culture to a good workplace culture for future success.

2.0 Response to Question:
“Analyse Christine Nixon’s attempt to transform the culture of Victoria Police.”
Christine Nixon is the first female Assistant Commissioner of New South Wales Police and first female Chief…
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