Analysis Of Christine Nixon 's Theory On The Culture Of Victoria Police

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1.0 Introduction:
The essay is based upon the analysis of case study Christine Nixon’s attempt in transforming the culture of Victoria Police. Through this essay different approaches and theories of management are discussed and incorporated to understand the concepts of change. In response, focus on the fact that how effective leadership can transform the strong management culture within a workplace. This essay would further then demonstrate that people’s psychic prison could result in creating a bad workplace culture. Psychic prison is defined “as a knack of for getting trapped in webs of our own ideas, thoughts and actions consciously or unconsciously” (Morgan 2006 pp.207). In this essay, various concepts of management has been analysed
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She did her Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Wollongong and Honorary Doctor of Laws from Monash University (Ehrich et al.2007). She was the first woman in the history of Australia who rose to the top in the male-dominated field of policing. From March 2009, she chaired the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority, an authority created to rebuild communities following Victoria 's Black Saturday Bushfires in February 2009 <> As a commissioner she was responsible for 12,800 staff operating in 550 work locations.
Christine started her career at a very early age of her life and appointed as a constable in 1973. At those times, women were rarely recruited to the police force and those who were accepted were restricted in types of duties they could do. Women were discriminated in senior positions within the Australian police services. For over three decades Christine has fought for the rights of women and played a significant role in breaking all those barriers that have limited their careers opportunities. Christine worked her way through the ranks mostly in a male dominated culture. Christine is a well renowned personality in the police force and wider community for her anti-corruption approach. She is recognized for her strong personality and high energy. Christine has strong beliefs in valuing all people and working collaboratively with others in partnership to create more
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