Analysis Of Christopher Bell 's ' Blackness And Disability '

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America insists on keeping a strong balance of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for its citizens, no matter their race or ability to participate in what is considered a “normal” society. However, the minority race has become a social construct that essentially hinders the inalienable rights given to American citizens. Christopher Bell, author of “Blackness and Disability” assesses historical context, to analytically and articulately prove how black bodies and disabilities often get discredited. Black people relating to being angry, loud, and dangerous, and ableism, are confined to conflicts that result in a number of unjust situations, including acknowledging their disabilities. These stereotypical ideas do not allow them to operate in their fullest potential. When people see a black person, they automatically gaze over the color of their skin. As a result, African Americans will always be under a socially constructed view that puts more meaning to stereotypes. America has yet to discover that the idea of disability around the African American body remains invisible to their blackness because of the social stratification that they endure. Society automatically assumes and concludes by racially profiling the African American body. Black bodies are not only exposed to the factor of racial tension but also to the idea that their bodies are able to be violated. Violated in the sense of people only seeing the fixated image of causing harm that fails respect the black

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