Analysis Of Christopher Nolan 's ' The Dark Knight Trilogy '

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My opinion, an auteur is a director who leaves a personal message or impact on the films they’re working on. Not only visually, but also utilizing their techniques and motifs which are always used in films. The director I have chosen to write about is none other than Christopher Nolan. I chose to write about him not just because he did one of my favorite superhero movies of all time (The Dark Knight Trilogy), but he is one of my favorite directors of all time. After reading Andrew Sarris article, I will stick with the meaning of what I have said before, but there are three circles I must know: the outer, middle and inner (technique, style, and meaning). Nolan in my opinion, fits within the whole auteur thing because of the way his films are. Hence, why I called him the Modern Master. I noticed that in all three of Nolan’s films that I watched (Batman Begins, Inception, and The Prestige) that the technique or should I say style he uses in all three of the films is the fact that main hero is always troubled or lost in a way. To me, he does that in all three of the films, so that we can see the hero overcome what’s troubled him or her. Plus, they all kind of have a thirst for revenge. In other words, that is basically his theme in all of the films he had done. A perfect example is Batman Begins. When Bruce wanted to kill the man who killed his parents, but when Rachel, his childhood friend, slaps him and told Bruce that your father would be ashamed of you. After the man was…
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