Analysis Of Cialdini 's Principles Of Persuasion

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1 Generally speaking, it is a human nature to adapt to different conditions and manipulate different circumstances for their own benefit. Persuasion is one of the techniques people have been using, modifying, and manipulating to get what they want and reach their goals. According to McLean (2010), "Persuasion is an act or process of presenting arguments to move, motivate, or change your audience" (p.535). While many factors like the environment, cultural backgrounds, and the receivers ' needs may play an integral role of determining the methods of conducting a persuasive speech; the social psychologist Robert Cialdini identified six universal principles of persuasion that are adaptable to all environments and circumstances and are…show more content…
McLean (2010) explains authority as “referencing experts and expertise for credibility purposes” (p.539). When a consumer is persuaded by an employee of an organization to purchase a product or a service, skepticism may kick in and the presented benefits may sound too good to be true. Hence, the receivers will always need reassurance to the credibility of the information presented to them through reliable authority that will provide reference and credibility to close the sale confidently. Fourth, Cialdini refers to commitment and consistency as an effective component of persuasion. Showing follow-­‐up and reassertion toward verbal persuasion shows how much the advertised product or service lives up to the praise the persuader is trying to imply. McLean (2010) argues, “In many cultures, the written word holds special meaning. If we write it down, or if we sign something, we are more likely to follow through”. 3 Fifth, Cialdini highlights the principle of consensus as an effective technique of persuasion. Referred by McLean (2010) as “testimonials or first reports on experience with a product” (p.359), consensus represents the feedback on the product or service that is subject of the persuasion. The first positive reviews of the product or service by previous customers will shape the current customer’s desirability to purchasing the product, persuading him/her to close the sale or deal. Also, the act

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