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“Cinderella Man” is a movie starring the characters James J. Braddock, the main boxer, Mae Braddock, James’ wife, Joe Gould, James’ boxing manager, and Max Baer, James’ hardest opponent. This story took place in New York and New Jersey during the 1930s, when the Depression struck America. This film is an action film for the intensity of the boxing and fighting, but also a drama film for the misery and problems that came with the Depression and the rivalry between James and his opponents. “Cinderella Man” has real-life events that took place about 80 years ago. James Braddock was a light heavyweight boxer who was forced to retire after breaking his hand in the last fight on September 25th, 1933. He began working as a laborer at the dock because he had no other source of income to support his family, and struggling to make money in order to pay for the heating and electric bills and buy food. James still had a dream to box, and months after retiring from boxing, Joe Gould wanted him to be a last-minute substitute to fight against the second-rank contender. James ended up winning, which nobody expected. After his last win, he was back to boxing. He constantly won fights after that. By the time James began training to fight the world champion, Max Baer, who had already killed two people in the ring, he had a very large fanbase and almost everyone was on his side. Mae was extremely against this idea - everyone believed James would be Max’s third kill in the ring because they

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