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The film Cinderella Man was about a boxer name James Braddock and his struggles through the great depression. Through boxing Braddock gave hope to the people who faced the great depression just as he did. He gave them a type of hope that nurtured them to thinking that they would persevere through the hardship just as he did with his boxing career. From an audience perspective this film earned a 5 out of 5 stars rating because director Ron Howard served his purpose well by not only developing a boxing film that did not just only acknowledge the perseverance about the sport side of things. The director Howard showed adversity and many aspects in the film such as Braddock’s struggles with his wife, kids, career, and friends. In essence Howard was able to incorporate how the great depression played a magnificent role in everything that occurred.
The film represents the great depression and Braddock’s life during the time of the early 1900’s. Braddock was struggling to keep food on the table and electricity for his family to survive the cold days and nights in New York. Subsequently, James Braddock resulted in the government assistance to help him in a time of need. Eventually with the win of some fights Braddock returns to repay the money he received from the government. “This is liberalism at its worst: we will give scraps to the starving as long as they have the moral fortitude to pay it back.” (Zirin, 2005) this scene in the film sparked up some controversy leaving a

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