Analysis Of Cisco 's Management System

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 Question 1 Organization: • Cisco is a networking company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. In 1994, Cisco 's management system was inflexible, which hindered the development of the company. Appropriate enterprise system • Appropriate enterprise system to support Cisco is ERP system because ERP solved Cisco’s problems with flexibility and technology that happened in 1994. This system give Cisco many benefits such as: 1. With regard to technology, the IT platform architecture was standardized throughout Cisco 100% for many tasks such as, UNIX at the server level and Windows NT at the LAN level. 2. The new system provides the employees with the ability to use internal applications and most functions. This…show more content…
From ERP module, the ERP system will help the organization to manage and monitor supply chain, inventory, procurement, finance, projects, product lifecycle, human resources and other mission-critical components of a business. ERP system’s module covers most common functional areas and grouped together. Therefore, ERP, is a way of integrating organizational data and processes into a single system. ERP System’s Examples: • ERP systems will generally have a hardware component, a software component and a process documentation component. Therefore, it will not be one type. ERP system’s types will depend on the size of your business and the functions that will support your business requirements. So there are three modules: 1. Large Enterprise ERP 2. Mid-Market ERP 3. Small Business ERP Some of these modules are free such as Adaxa Suits, Epesi, SQL-Ledger or Odoo, and some of
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