Analysis Of Clea Simon On The Interpretation And Dissection Of Gender Inequality

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The idea of feminism is being thrown around a lot in today 's society, but what is feminism and why does this word invoke such a negative connotation? “The costs of inequality: For women, progress until they get near power,” is an article written by Clea Simon on the interpretation and dissection of gender inequality today and how this gap can be resolved. The soaring popularity of feminism and the idea that genders can one day be equal is important for fixing a male dominated America; to do this typical gender roles have to be analyzed, as well as gender biases addressed. Analysis alone will not fix this deep-rooted issue, to change society America must be ready to be proactive and tolerant of changes in tradition. The idea of a woman…show more content…
It was also noted that in research papers male co-authors were given full credit of the research while female co-authors were not. Simon specifically researched the field of economics, where the gender gap “has not changed the fraction of females for about 20 years” (Simon). Clea Simon also adopts a view of underlying gender bias against females in power. A study was conducted in which, “almost a quarter (23 percent) of teenage girls preferred male political leaders over female ones. Only 8 percent preferred women leaders. Forty percent of the boys surveyed preferred male leaders, while only 4 percent preferred women” (Simon). Why do teenagers not assume women in power will be great leaders? Is it possibly because children have grown up only seeing males in leadership roles? And how does one find justice to this problem? John Rawls proposes a solution in his paper “Justice as Fairness,” to this idea of inequality. “First, each person participating in a practice, or affected by it, has an equal right to the most extensive liberty compatible with a like liberty for all; and second, inequalities are arbitrary unless it is reasonable to expect that they will work out for everyone’s advantage, and provided the positions and offices to which they attach, or from which they might be gained, are open to all” (Solomon 282). Rawls is saying in his first premise, that all peoples should be allowed the basic right to be

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