Analysis Of Clive Thompson's The New Literacy

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Throughout history people are afraid of the unknown people kill one another because they are afraid the other person might kill them first, so they strike first. The fear of new technology is the same, individuals do not understand so they want to kill it off, or they do not want to give technology a chance. This is an irrational fear because technology can bring great advances to the world such as the printing press and the telephone. In the 1440s the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg there were some people who did not like this new invention and feared it. There was a monk by the name Johannes Trithemius who feared it and thought it would make the monks look lazy and it would change their devotional work. Before the printing press all book were handwritten and expensive to make. He believed it would change their devotional aspect because one must be in touch with God in order to copy the Scriptures. He believed that writing about the word of God helped improve themselves and their work they did. He wrote a book…show more content…
He begins to explore if it is really having a negative impact as others have said. Andrea Lunsford a professor at Stanford examined nearly fifteen thousand student’s writing samples from in-class assignments to tweets. “First thing she found is that young people today write far more than any generation before” (Thompson 585). Today, people write about just about anything to anyone even strangers on have that be social media or even a blog post. People like to be heard and have their ideas validated by others or even hear different points of view. Ultimately it is about “...knowing who you’re writing for and why you’re writing might be the most crucial factor of all” (Thompson 586). If people know who they are writing to they begin to have fun with what they are writing and they change their tone based on their
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