Analysis Of Cloud Computing And Cyber Security

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Executive Summary
In this fast-paced technology era, organizations are always looking for new innovative ways to increase productivity and efficiency. One emerging technology adopted by many organisations is cloud computing. Cloud computing is a model that uses internet and remote servers for maintaining data and applications (Association of Modern Technologies Professionals 2017). It replaces expensive infrastructure and need of maintenance. Cloud provides access to data anytime, anywhere over the internet. However, like any cyber technology cloud computing is vulnerable to various kinds of cyber-attacks (Amna Riaz 2017).
The large scale of cloud computing and virtualization
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HIDS and NIDS have their own strength and limitations. HIDS is not well suited to provide visibility in the Virtual machines (VMs) (Amna Riaz 2017). NIDS can be employed within the Virtual machines but would be incapable of detecting attacks occurring within the network (C. Modi 2013, p.49).
Various other techniques have been studied where NIDS can be provided at the Virtual switch to collects inbound and outbound traffic from all VMs and log it. Use of security onion tools such as SNORT could help to detect DoS or DDoS attack. However, processing all packets in large virtual network could create issue and it may fail to detect attacks in time (Amna Riaz 2017). Using OSSEC as HIDS in the cloud computing could help to resolve analysing and integrating the huge log files. OSSEC is an open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). It has a powerful association and analysis mechanism, active response and real-time alerting (C. Ambikavathi and S. K. Srivatsa 2016, p. 4).

Software-defined networking (SDN) is next evolving technology for the cloud computing as it provides a centralized system to manage the network. Scalable monitoring and dynamic reconfiguration requirements of the network makes SDN a perfect choice (Amna Riaz 2017).

Our aim in this document is to provide an informative primer on security issues of the cloud computing and various IDS tools to combat the security issues. We concluded the document after analysing that every process has its
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