Analysis Of Cnn 's Genocide Tracker Essay

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Walking briskly through the halls of school, a boy knocks into someone and their papers fall. Do you have the courage to stop to help them? Or do you keep following the mainstream flow of students through the corridors? Most importantly, does any of this really matter? The answer is, yes it does. As of right now, in 2016, according to CNN’s Genocide Tracker, “over 36.9 million people have died around the world due to genocide.” Genocide is defined most commonly as the systematic and purposeful extermination of a specific group due to race, religion, ethnicity, gender association, political affiliation, disabilities, and more. Mass killings have been happening as early as the 1700’s when the Chinese Manchu Qing Dynasty systematically killed the Dzungar Buddhist peoples. Since then, over 30 documented genocides and even more undocumented genocides have occurred. Knowing this awful fact, we must begin to look into what ways can humans yield psychological courage, to cease global genocides. From a psychological perspective, these mass killings make one wonder how a human could commit such sadistic and horrific crimes against other humans. The reason may be found in the psychology of why people fear, why people form groups, and why people are so willing to go along with the majority. In short, to battle genocides, society must not only understand the psychology behind fear, group mentality, and why people conform, but have the courage to break out of these psychological

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