Analysis Of ' Coca Cola And Coco Frio ' By Martin Espada

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American Consumerism in “Coca-Cola and Coco Frío” by Martín Espada In today’s world, every person in every country has a similar image in mind when they think of the United States. Common words that come to mind are ideal, lazy, superior, and consumer. These words are associated with the United States due to American consumerism, or the practice of an increasing consumption of goods. In Martín Espada’s “Coca-Cola and Coco Frío,” he criticizes American consumerism by relating the people of Puerto Rico to ignorance due to the level of power the United States has over them. American consumerism is dangerous because it not only influences people worldwide, but also makes people forget about all of the wonderful aspects about where they live. In “Coca-Cola and Coco Frío” the fat boy symbolizes American consumerism. Right at the beginning of the poem Espada introduces this relation when he says “the fat boy wander[s] from table to table with his mouth open.” Key terms in the sentence that relate to American consumerism are “fat boy” and “mouth open.” These terms relate because they express the idea of openness and over-consumption. Another image that Espada provides to connect the boy and American consumerism is when he says the boy “drool[s] coconut milk down his chin.” Instead of savoring the coco frío, the boy eagerly “tilt[s] the green shell overhead” and consumes it as fast as possible, mimicking the way Americans consume everything. While Espada focuses on consumption, he…

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