Analysis Of Colin Powell's It Worked For Me

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It Worked For Me in Life and Leadership: A Report Colin Powell’s “It Worked For Me in Life and Leadership” (2012) is a riveting book that discusses in great detail the simple but often-fundamental leadership principles that have been consigned to oblivion by most people and leaders. The evocative book provides a basis on which one can evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in leadership in all dimensions, particularly at the work place and suggests other areas of improvement that the reader can asses to ensure proper development. Through careful, frequent and honest evaluations from both self and others, it is possible for a person to become the best version of himself or herself; in turn, this contributes to a well-rounded leader. As is evident, the book starts with the introduction of the fundamental beliefs that the author has, and develops these into more elaborate and widely applicable areas. The insightful descriptions and advice given here are illustrative of how much input leadership requires from a person at a personal level. It requires a person to put their heart and mind into what they are doing to ensure that they are effective. Powell starts with personal experiences and wisdom that he has “collected or made up over the years” (p. 5). The points given are quite practical and illustrative of a person who has taken the time to learn, build and develop himself or herself in a way that is thoughtful, empirical and relatable. The first of his points I found

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