Analysis Of Color And I Love Lucy

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Color & Lighting: How To Get Away With Murder & I Love Lucy
How To Get Away With Murder, a modern 2015 law and murder television drama, and I Love Lucy, a 1951 live audience comedic sitcom, hold many differences in regards to color and lighting usage. However, if thoroughly analyzed similarities can be discovered.
In the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder, the director makes great use of color by means of transitional color, surrealism, color as a symbol, special effect colors, atmospheric colors, comic colors and advancing colors. The director effectively uses color as a transition from past to present. Dark green tinted scenes are used to signal a flashback to past. Soon thereafter, normal realistic colors returned during present scene. Specific examples of this transition is when the audience is flashed back to when Sam was murdered, when Annalise discovered his infidelity and when she found his dead body inside their home. Realistic colors resumed after these scenes. Moreover, surrealism is present in this episode, specifically when Annalise discovers Sam’s dead body dripping with blood on the wooden floor. The dark green atmospheric tints “used in this scene altered the blood’s red to appear additionally nightmarish” (Petrie & Boggs, 2011, p. 204). Also, the colors in this specific scene contribute to three-dimensionality. The dark nature of this scene and green filter that succumbs the past, almost makes Annalise blend into the night but her bright read…
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