Analysis Of ' Colossians 3 : 2-12

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Overall, Colossians 3:2-12 is displaying this invitation of Holy living by simply revealing the identities of the old self and the new self of an individual. Paul encourages the people to continue their lives here on earth, but to choose to turn from their old self and begin to walk in this new life with Christ. He writes this book as a strategy for Christians to maintain a lifestyle in growing in Christ. One thing to always remember is that just because we have a new life and identity rooted in Christ, doesn’t simply suggest sin isn’t going to stay away that’s when sin is going to attack the most, Paul writes this out of his desire for the people of Colossae to understand this. We are able to question our own lives to see if we have allowed God into our lives or if we continue to live in the “old self.”
The first thing to begin with is simply recognizing what people are called to “put to death” their former lifestyle denying those things to enter in their lives. The best part about it is that we aren’t alone; God wants to help us during this process. We live in a manner focused towards heaven where others are now available to gain a glimpse of Christ through us. The next step is to accept the challenge Paul has given us of walking towards “putting on the new self” and beginning to grow in knowledge of who God is and where our identity is rooted in Him. The image that we now follow is in Jesus Christ. God wanted us to live in this new life being rooted in Christ, and Paul
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