Analysis Of Comers School Development Program

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I found that Magruder Primary School, in Newsport News, Virginia is using the Comers School Development Program. This program has three parts, or teams, that bring together the key players within the school activities; parents ' program, the mental health team, and the school planning and management team. This program succeeds for two major reasons: it focuses on children 's development, and supports a change in the school culture. It addresses their total development, not just their speech, language, or intelligence. Children attend school throughout a significant portion of their early lives. The schools mission must then be inline with their social, moral, physical, and psychological development. In Parent involvement and mental health…show more content…
It is in place to make the parent trust and feel welcome so that they will come to the school and approach the child’s teacher. Without that open door policy the child can become isolated and feel that the school staff is not an option for outreach or assistance. The attitude of the parent can directly affect the student’s success. To help change the culture within the home and community you need to have the “mental health team.” They are in place to help the school as a whole and offer preventative measures. They assist with case management of individual students, and coordinate efforts with outside agencies or professionals on an individual basis. They are also involved in the appropriate placement and classification of students. This cannot be done without the mental health team examining root causes of school wide mental health problems. They must also assist in creating ways to improve the school climate, and continue to build positive relationships with the communities and school 's adults and children. The “school planning and management team” works with both teams. They are responsible for establishing policy guidelines and coordinate school operations. This is done with the best interest of the child in mind at all times. Planning team members collect data on the school 's programs, look for patterns, and set goals for academic achievement, the social climate, and public relations. Once this is done then the goals can be set for the comprehensive
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