Analysis Of Community Interventions

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Leaving the paternalistic approach out of community interventions can be challenging. Doing research and observing communities could cause apprehension between the residents and myself. This relationship could stem from the residents not trusting or being comfortable with a stranger (me) coming into their community to conduct research or observations. Knowing that the interactions I have with the individuals within an area could be either positive or negative, I still question the competency of my approach. Finding ways to establish a trusting relationship between the community and I will help take away from the “worker vs. client” mentality. As a result, I would want to begin building rapport with the residents to establish relationships.…show more content…
Before I plan to go work with a community, I would visit the residents or shared public places in the community to introduce myself. During this time I will do most of my observation. While creating the idea’s for the community analysis paper, Dr. Schwartz explained to us how we should go into a community without letting the residents know we are observing them. Doing this seemed complicated at first, but if I can learn how to integrate myself into this community, for the time being, I would be seen as a friend rather than an authority figure. Establishing rapport will help create connections with the community in the future. Though some citizens may be open to being a part of my research there will be other’s who wouldn’t be reluctant. Being content with not having a response from every resident in the community would leave me disappointed. Accepting rejection is something I will have to continue practicing, as I become a successful…show more content…
Although I haven’t officially done the community intervention, there are a few things that I’ve noticed about working within a particular community. It is impossible to meet the needs of every individual that lives in this community because everyone has different needs and wants. When choosing to work with a particular group within a community can be helpful but will also leave the needs of the other groups/organizations left unmet. At first, my community analysis group agreed to work with youth within the juvenile system who are looking for mentors outside of their natural community. While talking with the mentor leader, she was able to inform us of a few things we should expect when working with her organization. The first thing was accountability. She felt that the parents of the youth lacked accountability when it came to showing up for programs and other community activities. Some of the reasons were transportation, childcare or just being completely too busy to attend. Even though, there is a van that will be able to pick up the families there were still excuses as to why they couldn’t show up for the
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