Analysis Of Como Agua Para Chocolate

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The movie I chosen to watch is called “Como agua para chocolate”, is directed by Alfonso Arau, the ex-husband of Laura Esquivel which mean in english and a novel “Like Water for Chocolate” written by Laura Esquivel. I found this movie on Netflix, it was interesting to watch, it would be nice for me to find the book and read it since in my opinion the book is better story than the actual movie. “Como agua para chocolate” represents a story through incorporating the idea of food as feelings and expressing the woman’s roles during the Mexican Revolution. The title come from a Mexican method of making hot chocolate by boiling and reboiling water with cocoa, until this substance becomes sweetly carried away, much as Tita herself feels in the presence of her new brother-in-law.“ Como agua para chocolate” tells the story of Tita De La Garza, the youngest daughter in a family living in Mexico at the turn of the twentieth century. Tita’s boyfriend, Pedro Muzquiz, comes to the family’s ranch to ask for Tita’s hand in marriage. Because Tita is the youngest daughter she is forbidden by a family tradition upheld by her tyrannical mother, Mama Elena, to marry. Pedro marries Tita's oldest sister, Rosaura, instead, but declares to his father that he has only married Rosaura to remain close to Tita. Rosaura and Pedro live on the family ranch, offering Pedro contact with Tita. When Tita cooks a special meal with the petals of a rose given to her by Pedro, the still-fiery force of their love

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