Analysis Of Company Culture Of The Lincoln Electric Company

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Analysis of the Company Culture of the Lincoln Electric Company Analysis of the Company Culture of the Lincoln Electric Company “Lincoln employs 2,400 workers in two U.S. factories near Cleveland and approximately 600 in three factories located in other countries” (Sharplin, 1989), numbers which don’t include their substantial field sales force. Lincoln Electric’s founder, a John C. Lincoln, was a man of sound business practices who, after being frozen out of Elliott-Lincoln Company in 1895, built his own company from the ground up, starting with one of his patents and building improved motors from its design (Sharplin, 1989). James F. Lincoln, John C. Lincoln’s brother, joined the company after John had a battle with a bout of typhoid, in 1907. He became acting head of the company in 1914. James was a man of sound, ethical business practices who valued customers first and employees second, and who put exceptional emphasis on fairness of compensation and humane treatment of his employees. The motto of Lincoln Electric is "The actual is limited, the possible is immense" (Sharplin, 1989), and the way I interpret this is “the way things are is not the way things have to be,” which would reflect Lincoln Electric’s progressive, otherminded history and policies. Influence of the Founders: Plans, Performance, and Management Style Lincoln Electric’s management style is, for one, progressive and employee-oriented. When James F. Lincoln became the active head of Lincoln
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