Analysis Of Coraline's ' Coraline '

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In the book Coraline Coraline goes through a plethora of stages starting from being a naïve child to eventually evolving into a girl with a strong identity who is fully aware of who she is and proud of who she has become. At the beginning of the book Coraline is your typical kid who is filled with curiosity and an urge for exploration. This is best illustrated on page 26 when Coraline first ventures into the alternate universe. “ Coraline went through the door; she wondered what the empty flat would be like if that was where the corridor lead” (Gaiman 26). Although Coraline is unaware of her surroundings (due to the fact that she just moved there) this does not stop Coraline from being adventurous and exploring the unknown. This act of Coraline going into the corridor while having no idea where the corridor leads and without even thinking about the possible consequences of this action shows Coraline’s overall lack of maturity and her naive childlike ways. Before Coraline makes her ultimate transition from naïve and fearless child to a brave, confident, and independent girl she further displays her childlike ways by always having a strong desire to receive what she wants; and if she fails to get what she wants she expresses her displeasure. This is clearly illustrated by two quotes in the book. In the first quote Coraline is upset that her mother will not purchase a pair of gloves she likes. “ Coraline saw some Day-Glo green gloves she liked a lot. Her mother refused to buy…
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