Analysis Of Cornel West 's Race Matters

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In Cornel West’s “Race Matters”, he expresses his thoughts and ideas on a variety of different issues we have encountered in both past and present times. One such issue is the failure of the liberal structuralist program. West introduces the Nihilistic threat to the readers, where life is meaningless and purposeless to the universe, and then explains how liberal structuralists seemingly fail to deal with this threat. He begins by blaming the liberal structuralists for focusing too heavily on the economy and politics and not focusing enough on culture and its character. The liberal structuralists address the plight of Black America by calling for full employment, health, education, and childcare through more government money, better bureaucrats, and active citizens (PowerPoint). He then refers to their views on people as basically selfish and self-centered. This meaning that they are mainly concerned only with how they are viewed and self-benefit, and not with the value of others’ self-worth and desire for importance. West later talks about the structuralists’ inability to discuss culture because it opened up a topic on race which the structuralists were not comfortable talking about. During the time, race was talked about in few ways. Ideas on race had remained steady throughout time, and with the new realm of ideas, the structuralists seemed resistant to discussing race in depth and for its actual worth. It is because of this that West claims that liberal

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