Analysis Of Cosc 620 - Construction Company Operations

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Final Individual research paper COSC 620 – Construction Company Operations Company Name: Grand Homes Rathore, Raghvendra Singh Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas 1. Why Grand Homes Grand Homes has grown rapidly in residential construction; it builds over 400 semi-custom homes annually in 30 localities around the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Its instantaneous success can be attributed to the diligence and dedication of the founder Stephen Brooks. Grand Homes has built some of the most popular features in Dallas market viz. stone accented exteriors, second story verandahs, porches etc. Grand Homes has won the America’s Best Builder award; awarded by BUILDER magazine twice, Builder of the year 2009-10 by The Great Dallas Home…show more content…
It came up with the designs of executive and luxury lifestyle. It appealed to young professionals. It landed them the award of the best product in Dallas. For 28 years Grand Homes has been focusing on their mission to ameliorate the quality of life of their employees, customers and trade partners through the Grand Homes experience. 3. Organization Structure Grand Homes has a very simplistic organizational structure. Grand Homes has most of the projects going around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. There’s no need for geographical organization. Mr. Brooks himself is the founder/president of the company. He supervises five major department of Preconstruction, Construction, Sales and Human Resources Fig. 1, Grand Homes-Organization Structure 4. Strategies and Business Development Plans Grand Homes gives a huge importance for energy efficient construction, net zero construction. Grand has consistently maintained the minimum requirements for the rating-ENERGY STAR®; Grand has successfully built homes that have ratings as low as 61. Grand wishes to implement all the cost effective technologies to achieve net zero homes. With their unique building practices, Grand Homes are certainly far more energy-efficient than a similar typical U.S. home. With a wide variety of money saving techniques viz. energy efficient windows, cuts heat and ultimately the cooling requirements by 50%.
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