Analysis Of Countess Elizabeth 's ' Lady Dracula '

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Countess Elizabeth “Lady Dracula” Bathory de Ecsed was born on August 7, 1560 in Transylvania, Romania to George Bathory and Anna Bathory. She was born to a very wealthy family that contained powerful people such as cardinals, princes, kings, and prime ministers which gave her the privilege of living in the family castle, Esced. Through her childhood, she was very educated; she was able to learn a few languages such as greek, latin, hungarian, and German. Although she was highly educated, she was also taught false acts by her uncles and aunts. Her uncle taught her acts of satanism and her aunt taught her about sadomasochism, which is giving or receiving pleasure from acts involving infliction of pain. This possibly caused her problems…show more content…
He forgave her though when he returned home. One day, while Elizabeth was getting ready for the homecoming of her husband, her maid had saw that something was wrong with her dress. As the maid went to fix it, Elizabeth hit her with a brush so hard that blood was taken from the maid. As Elizabeth went to clean off the blood from her body, she noticed the pleasing effects that the blood had on her body. She believed that the blood made her skin look younger and more vibrant. In 1604, Ferencz died from unknown causes but when he did die, Ferencz mother took Elizabeth’s four kids which caused Elizabeth to try to banish her mother-in-law from the country.

Ferencz death caused Elizabeth to torture and kill people more. Most of Bathory’s victims were young daughters of the local peasants. Many of them were lured into Elizabeth’s castle after she offered to pay them to work as maids/servant. She would then begin to torture them. She had many ways to do this such as an iron maiden, which was a coffin with spikes in it. The spike would cause significant bleeding and cause blindness due to the stabbing in the eyes. The victims would later bleed to death. She also had a cylindrical cage. This cage contained spikes and it was too small to sit or stand in. The cage was then raised and rocked which would stab the victim causing them to die. She would also raise a cage, poke the victims with a hot poker and stab them. She would lay under the cage

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