Analysis Of Critical Analysis Application Paper

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Guillermo Alonso
Professor Peter Aguilera
Sociology 101
4 March 2016
Critical Analysis Application Paper #1
Module 1 (#3)
Explain how social units, social structures, and social institutions are related. Using examples from your own life, illustrate the interconnectedness of these concepts.
Sociology is a science that studies the overall effects and results of a person or event. It is important to seek social connection behind our everyday lives because it brings clarification and a greater understanding to our reality. Sociology is a very helpful science that can benefit every member in a society because it uses reason and research to investigate an explanation or an effect. “Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the
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It is difficult to be a Mexican-American because both cultures expect and demand of us to act what we truly are. The social units of my life remind me of what is expected of me as a person in this society and the importance to act upon the demands expected of me.
Social structures tend to influence the decisions an individual acts upon in a society. Social structures are exterior beliefs or perceptions that affect or interfere with our ego and conscience. Social structures work closely together with social units because social units are about the person, while social structures are about the person intergrading the exterior influences with his conscience to make a decision in a society. “Social structures the stable patterns of interactions, statuses, roles, and organizations that provide stability for the society and bring order to individuals’ lives. For example, I am a member of the Roman Catholic Church and I belong to the Republican political party. Using the examples I used for social units, my religion and political party will affect me when trying to make a decision. Society may see it as normal to abort, participate in pre-martial sex or use contraceptives during sex but my religion sees it as morally wrong to do any of these examples. The demands and beliefs of my religion will interfere with my conscience when trying to do a decision that society expects me or allows me to do. “Christians are
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