Analysis Of Curious Incident Of The Dog In Night-Time

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In the Curious Incident of the dog in Night-time Christopher’s learns through his external journey he learns and grows much more than he thinks. To grow up one must experience new things that challenge the mind like taking responsibility, having a break in trust and losing a loved one whether it is temporary or permanently. Through Christopher’s journey of traveling to London, searching for Wellington’s killer, and finding the hidden mail, one can see his growth through experiencing bad things because the only way to grow is by going outside of one’s comfort zone.
The mystery of Wellington challenged Christopher to grow up by taking responsibilities in this unusual situation. Because Christopher's mind does not work like most children’s mind he was baffled at the scene of dead dog. He didn’t know better than to touch the dead dog but it showed his care for his community and the things around him. He was never told by someone that he should find the dog’s killer but
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Even the closest of friends or family members lie. Christopher learns this through first-hand experience. Within life there are emotional difficulties and when dealing with family members it can hurt the most. This is when Christopher acted extremely by running away ”because I couldn't trust him, even though he had said ‘Trust me,’ because he told a lie about a big thing.”(pg 122). He felt as if his father was no longer a trustworthy person because he did not understand that his father was trying to protect him by keeping this information from him. This resulted into the extreme of Christopher running away. Again this pushed Christopher’s mind to find the next step in life. Never in his life has he ever experienced something like this but his uncertainty in this situation shows him
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