Analysis Of D. Va

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D.Va is able to fire short-range attacks via the use of her rotating cannons equipped to her mech. D.Va is able to project a small forward facing targeting array that allows her to block damage from incoming projectiles. D.Va is able to fly forwards at a high speed for a short period of time. She is also able to use this ability to charge into her enemies. D.Va does not have a E button ability at this point in time. D.Va can eject herself from the mech causing it to become a large bomb. When it explodes it deals large amount of damage killing those within its radius. D.Va is also able to use this ability to call back her mech if it has been destroyed. Orisa is able to fire her cannon's which are automatic projectiles, delivering damage,…show more content…
Roadhog is also able to fire a shrapnel ball that can explode at a greater distance should he so chose. This will then break up into smaller bits of shrapnel damaging those it hits. Roadhog is able to throw his chain and hook at long distance collecting in targets and bringing them closer to him to fire his shrapnel at. Roadhog is able to heal a large portion of his health. Roadhog is able to poor in a large amount of ammo and the fire multiple bits of shrapnel that knocks back enemies as well as killing them. Winston is able to fire short burst of electricity at his enemies for as long as he wishes. Winston does not have a left mouse button ability at this point in time. Winston is able to launch through the air dealing large amount of damage or stunning those nearby when he lands. Winston is able to place down a bubble which acts as a shield for both him and his allies, protecting them from enemy fire. Winston is able to embraces his while side doubling his health and making his a large beast. This adds great strength to his melee attacks and also helps him to knock back enemies from him. Zarya is able to launch a short distance beam of energy to deals damage to her enemy. Zarya is also able to launch small explosive charge that are capable of striking multiple opponents. Zarya is able to place a personal barrier that shields her against enemy fire while charging her weapon. Zarya is able to place a barrier on one of her teammates that
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