Analysis Of Dale ( 2001 ) Looks At Sustainable Development Through Three Main Lenses

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Although humans know they are slowly damaging the environment in which they need to survive, they continue to do so. Dale (2001) asserts that it may be as a result of feeling powerless to reverse the situation; therefore their efforts are often futile. In order to truly see sustainable change, Dale (2001) believes there must be collaboration between different levels of government, and aggressive action taken. Throughout the book, Dale (2001) looks at sustainable development through three main lenses: ecological, social, and economic. She asserts that each lens is different, but equal in importance to make a more sustainable future (Dale, 2001). Although this book was written in the context of both Canada and the larger global society, I feel that Dale’s (2001) lessons are relevant to the United States, and are worth sharing for this book report project. Further, based on the examples of cities we have studied so far in Green Government Initiatives, it seems as though many cities are following her advice. This book review will consist of a further look at the three main components of sustainable development mentioned above, examples of how cities in America are applying the concepts, and will conclude with recommendations for the future. Dale (2001) was especially interested in paradigms surrounding sustainable development. She finds fault in the general public’s acceptance of commonly held environmental beliefs just because it is the narrative they have been fed for their
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