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n Dan Buettner’s Ted Talk, Buettner talks about how would have to change their lifestyle or have the best genetics possible to living to be a hundred years old. Buettner states that only one in five-thousand get to live to be one hundred. The chances are near impossible unless you have the best genes passed down to you. You could however increase some years to your life in which Buettner talks about. From looking at some particular cultures, we’ve learned how they live long lives in which we could try to imitate some of those lifestyles so we could too add some years to our lives. Buettner says that from what science tells us, we can have the capacity to live to be 90, and a little more for women, but life expectancy in the United States…show more content…
Maybe that is to why they live longer unlike here where it is rushed, focused on to being better quickly, and not appreciating the little things. The over stress that comes to us. If we slow down and make small changes like from simply eating organic foods, it would help our internals which overtime will affect our moods and help us to make better choices just from what we eat. Then other changes will come about which could potentially add a couple of more years to our lives. The small changes have bigger impacts than we think. Another area Buettner talks about is on the archipelago of Okinawa, about 800 miles of south Tokyo. It is made up of 161 small islands, and in the northern part of the main island is where longevity is at. Here, they also eat a plant based diet, much like the Sardinians. The life expectancy is seven more years than in America, and has only a fifth of the rate of colon and breast cancer. Also, only one sixth of cardiovascular disease than America, probably because we mostly sit and eat around your 72 inch television.The interesting thing about how they eat the way they eat their food.You hear a lot about diets here where you eat smaller meals and more frequently in effort to keep the metabolism always running while still getting in your calories. Well it is about the same in Okinawa. They do not over eat, and one of the strategies they use is using smaller plates. I very much agree with this method. It basically uses phycology in it. You see

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