Analysis Of Danaher Corporation, A Global Science And Technology Corporation Essay

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Danaher Corporation is a global science and technology corporation that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of professional, medical, and industrial commercial products. Within the process of evaluating the Danaher Corporation, I will be conducting various financial techniques such as a discount cash flow analysis and sensitivity analysis to assess the company. A discounted cash flow analysis measures the value of a company todays based on calculated predications of how much money they will make in the future. This valuation method is used to determine how profitable an investment is. To conduct a DCF analysis, I used future free cash flows predictions ranging from years 2016 through 2026 to get an estimated present value. My ultimate goal in conducting a discounted cash flow analysis for this project is to value to the equity of the stock and find the stock price for the Danaher Corporation. While forming my project, I found that the questions I was assigned to complete all tied into the overall outcome of the project. Some of the key questions I was trying to answer in this project included, what is the value of the stock? How the sales forecast affected the overall stock price? What effect does each ratio have on the free cash flows? What variables have the greatest impact on the stock price? What is the terminal growth rate? What was the WAAC? What are the number of outstanding shares? After conducting thorough research on the company and using calculations

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