Analysis Of Dance And The Dance World

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To speak about the impacts that bellydance has on dance and the dance world, it’s history must be explained. Belly dance is one of the oldest, if not the oldest dance form known to have existed. The origin of this dance is said to be in Egypt, Turkey and India. Much debate goes on about where people believe that it came from but the truth is, with so many forms of this dance sprouting from the main, there is no specific enough place where this style of dance can be said to have originated. The origin of the name “belly dance” is said to be from the French phrase; “danse du ventre”, meaning dance of the stomach. The more traditional name is Middle Eastern dance, but over time the western world has given it a new name. This dance originates…show more content…
Women are able to just feel the rhythm when they dance because the music is within them. The fact that many of the first paintings of dance are ones found in “sacred sites such as the temples and tombs of Egypt, Greece and India, it may make sense to say that dance was initially performed in light of spiritual occasions.” These dances are not ones for our own entertainment, but more so to worship the human body, a rite of passage or to just get together. It is said that bellydance is a sort of language. To master this art; hours, days, months and maybe even years of practice may be necessary. The idea that belly dance began with goddess worshipping ceremonies is that if women were to practice this form of dance, they will be more likely to become fertile. This idea is one that many people may find difficult to relate but if someone tries hard enough, it will come to them and they may be able to try it for themselves. The fluid body movements make it easier for the woman to prepare herself for childbirth. The movements make is possible for the expecting mother to “have overall shorter labors and less need for interventions such as C-Section.” While in the stomach, the “growing baby gets more oxygen and nutrients delivered”, through these belly dance movements that the mother is creating with her body. The mother also becomes more fit
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