Analysis Of Dance And The Dance World

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To speak about the impacts that bellydance has on dance and the dance world, it’s history must be explained. Belly dance is one of the oldest, if not the oldest dance form known to have existed. The origin of this dance is said to be in Egypt, Turkey and India. Much debate goes on about where people believe that it came from but the truth is, with so many forms of this dance sprouting from the main, there is no specific enough place where this style of dance can be said to have originated. The origin of the name “belly dance” is said to be from the French phrase; “danse du ventre”, meaning dance of the stomach. The more traditional name is Middle Eastern dance, but over time the western world has given it a new name. This dance originates from the “birth of women”. The fluid movements of the body are natural to a woman and “describe a feminine energy.” Belly dance is a way of giving luck to a woman seeking to get pregnant, it is a way to make a feminist statement, and a way to praise the body of a woman. The art of bellydance is one that many people may not pay much mind to. This dance has been around since the beginning of time, possibly being the first dance to have been created. Today, belly dance is taught in many different styles and is a way of going into adulthood in some middle eastern cultures. For hundred of years bellydance has fascinated not only the dance community but the entire world as well.

Belly dance “adapts to the cultures and circumstances of the…
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