Analysis Of Dane Brewer, The Former Owner Of A Utah Local Business

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I had the opportunity to interview Dane Brewer, the former owner of a Utah local business called Advantech. Dane now lives where I grew up in Moab, Utah. Moab, being a small town everyone is pretty tight-knit and that is how I had the opportunity to talk with Dane on the phone for this project. Growing up my dad was always a busy business person. I remember ever since I was younger I wanted to become a business owner just like him. He was a very helpful man with big dreams and now that I am grown up I see myself in that man day-to-day. This memo summarizes the extent knowledge Dane has in entrepreneurship as well as great advice he provided for me. Education In interviewing Dane Brewer he informed me on his education. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s of Science of Electrical Engineering. This degree is not limited to Electrical work. This degree is all about electricity to power to how to design computers. To complete this degree Dane spent four years and one summer in school. The first three years of college Dane worked for Utah Power and Light (Rocky Mountain Power). While he was working for them he read about a scientist of the name Dr. Thomas Stockum Jr. Stockum created the first audio recorded and Dane was extremely interested in this because he loved music. When Dane was a senior he went to the company Stockum was running and practically begged for a job as a janitor just to get his foot in the door. The

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