Analysis Of Daniel Johnston's `` Lo Fi `` Music Genre

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Daniel Johnston is an artist and songwriter famously known for igniting the emergence of the “Lo-FI” music genre in the 1980’s. Born in Sacramento, California in 1961, Daniel lived passionately through his art and music, and is considered an indie music genius by his distinguished following of fans. Growing up in West Virginia, Daniel was the youngest of five children in a conservative family. Johnston’s parents and siblings were creative and intellectual people, making his home environment a suitable place to flourish as a well-rounded individual. Daniel began to demonstrate a remarkable enthusiasm to his artistic abilities at an early age with countless pencil drawn illustrations, home-recorded short films and collections of original alternative rock albums. However, his strong fixation towards his artwork lead him to become socially withdrawn from his family and surrounding community, and as time progressed, his once endearing personality and artistic expression drove Daniel to become a “problem” at home. The dawning of a delusional mindset became apparent, in the sense that Daniel viewed his family and peers as subjects for his art, as opposed to actual significant characters in his life. He was later diagnosed with manic depression, and was in and out of mental institutes over the course of his career. Nonetheless, Daniel’s raw and unfiltered performances brought him eminent success within the music industry, and his impact in the rise of underground music remains

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