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The Analysis of Daniel Orozco’s “Orientation” In the short story, “Orientation”, by Daniel Orozco there is a major contrast in the setting of the workplace and of the detailed descriptions of those who work there. Orozco successfully utilizes the literary elements of tone, symbolism, setting, point of view, characters and structure to emphasize the idea that a workplace does not successfully identify those who are employed. In the story, the narrator is giving a somewhat unusual orientation to a new employee. During the orientation the new employee is introduced to the function of the workplace, as well as, the interactions and lifestyles of those who they may be working with. Orozco uses tone and symbolism to exaggerate the contrast of the setting of the workplace and the personal life of the employees. When describing the setting of the workplace he uses a very professional and nonchalant tone, as one would during an orientation, to describe the very organized and systematic office. For example, in the beginning of the story when the narrator begins the orientation: Those are the offices and these are the cubicles...This is your phone. Never answer your phone. Let the Voicemail System answer it. This is your Voicemail System Manual. There are no personal phone calls allowed. We do, however, allow for emergencies. If you must make an emergency phone call, ask your supervisor first. If you can’t find your supervisor, ask Phillip Spiers, who sit over there.

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