Analysis Of Danielle Sienkiewicz's Personal Statement

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Danielle Sienkiewicz – Personal Statement It’s 1997. I am four years old, and I have on my favorite plaid dress; I just started at my new elementary school. Unlike a typical child, my interest was the Discovery Health channel instead of Barney or Sesame Street. I grew up as an only child, so being an individual isn’t just a choice, but the only way I understand. It was on this day after school I went to visit my aunt who is my best friend. She was suffering a severe migraine from stress in her marketing position. I remember visiting and holding a small blue ice pack to her head for an hour or so while she watched Beverly Hills 90210. It was my first vivid memory and what I believe to be the spark of my aspiration to perform medicine.…show more content…
Without the kind help of her nurses and other medical professionals, it would have been a much more sorrowful experience. This interaction made me want to become a nurse and create a positive and warmhearted environment to patients in need of support. It’s October of 2014 and the job I found would change my life. I became a home health aide to a 17-year-old girl with a malignant brain tumor on her optic nerve. She was such an inspiration to me and made a difference to every person she spoke to. She became legally blind, weak on her right side and her speech became impaired. She was so simple with her requests usually being to count change or have a couple pieces of chocolate. She taught me what it means to fight every single day and how she truly appreciated the life she was given. I assisted her with making her signature star, heart and butterfly bracelets; watching someone create a bracelet using just one hand and her mouth to hold the string was remarkable. We gave her bracelets out to anyone she encountered and now people have them all over the world from wherever she traveled. It warmed my heart when she would call me her best friend and I believe that’s when I knew I was successful at working with her. I was there to laugh with her, cry with her when times got tough and I was by her side when she passed away in April. I learned that as a health care professional my job didn’t end when I
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