Analysis Of Dante 's ' The Inferno '

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Journeys can be taken many ways. Some people take the path less traveled and some people take the easy way out. Dante happens to be on journey that is less traveled, by exploring the depths of Hell in the Inferno. The epic poem’s story is about self-realization and transformation. It sees Dante over coming many things to realize he is a completely different person from the start of the Inferno journey. Dante sees many things that help him gain courage in order to prove to himself and the reader that accepting change and gaining courage can help one to grow as a person and realize their full potential. After seeing people going through certain punishment Dante realizes that he must not seek pity on himself and others in order to fully realize his true potential. Dante has experienced many different things while exploring the Inferno that help him realize his full potential and his true self. The biggest change Dante made was the amount of courage he had while going through the Inferno. This can be seen through the way he acts throughout the book. This is shown when Dante in the beginning of the Inferno faints due to fear. While in the first circle of Hell after entering the gates of Hell Dante faints after seeing “[a] whirl burst out of the tear drenched earth, a wind that crackled with bloodred light” (III;133). If Dante was more courageous by this point in his journey Dante wouldn’t have fainted. However, as Dante continues on his journey he runs into more things that
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