Analysis Of Darius Milhaud, A French Composer

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When Africans were sold as slaves to Central and South America in the 16th and 17th centuries, they continued to make marimbas there. The instruments underwent further development on the American continent, especially in Mexico, Guatemala and Brazil (“Marimbaphone”, 2003). In these countries the calabashes were replaced by precisely tuned wood resonator chambers.
In Latin America, the name “marimba” refers to every kind of large xylophone with calabashes as resonators of the type that originated from Africa. The name “marimba” was eventually applied to the concert and orchestra instrument that had been inspired by the Latin American model (“Marimbaphone”, 2003). Darius Milhaud, a French composer, made the marimba popular and gave it
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Steel Drum. The steel drum is a skillfully hammered 55-gallon oil barrel which has been carefully tuned by hand to produce perfect musical tones (“Steel Pan History”, 2017). It was developed on the Caribbean island of Trinidad during the early years of the 20th century. Old rubbish tins, care parts, and garbage can lids formed the first “Iron Bands”, which led to the realization that a dented section of a barrel head could produce a musical note. Careful refinement of this discovery produced the modern steel drum that is now often seen being played by street musicians.
Percussion has evolved throughout its history into what it is today. Melodic instruments have several origins, the two main origins being Eastern Asia and Africa. In each culture their first intended use was for religion and war. Melodic percussion instruments, like most instruments, are now used for less serious events than their original uses. Rather than being linked to war and religion, a majority of melodic percussion is used for entertainment. Along with the change of melodic percussion’s contributions in war and religion, comes the advancement melodic percussion has made for entertainment. Today they are played in most places around the world in ensembles or even on streets during street performances. Although the instruments belonging to melodic percussion can be played and enjoyed on their own, the main purpose of a melodic percussion instrument now usually lies

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