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A short essay “ Guys vs. “Men” written by Dave Barry, presents Dave’s perception on the difference between “Guys” and “Men”. Dave presents his essay in a comical way that generalizes the “men” vs. “guys” and also gender biased generalization. Dave argues that men hold too much of responsibilities and many expectations in which guys do not and they live happier life. One of the methods he uses to support his argument is a comparison. Other method he uses is the description of how he views “men” vs. “guys” and gives his perspective. And the last method he uses to further his argument is the use of hyperbole, exaggeration through out the essay. First method of development Dave uses to further his argument is a comparision and gender biased generalization. His temptation to buy new and unnecessary things just because he is a guy can be compared when he compares females urge to rearrange furniture with males urge of using newest and latest technical equipments. Dave separates guys and women by giving their choice that is somewhat statistically true, that women are more interested in decorating house oppose to buying latest version of technical items. Dave’s use of logos play significant role here to support his argument. Not only he compares guys and women, but also guys with his auxiliary dog. (919). He compares that guys do not follow rules even though they know they are not suppose to do things they do, just like his small auxiliary backup dog. Dave is saying that his

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