Analysis Of Dave's Argument

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Dave thinks he is almost a man because he buys himself a gun and by having this gun he thinks it will gain the other men's respect. He is tired of getting grief from the men he works with. He believes he will be transformed into a real man by having a gun, but he quickly realizes that it is only bringing him problems and more responsibility. Dave sees that he is not ready for adulthood because of the responsibilities and obligations that come with it. He wants the freedom that he is led to believe that adults have. I do not think that his actions are those of an adult because I think that his mind set is childish since he thinks that a gun is going to make him seem more like an adult and not a child anymore. There is a lot more that comes with being an adult than just having a gun. Guns are dangerous and should be used in the right way. I do not agree with his action of shooting Mr. Hawkins' mule and it could have seemed that he was striking against Mr. Hawkins. I think the reason that he thinks that a gun will make him a man is because he feels it is a quick way for him to become powerful and manly. He believes that having a gun in his hand will give him more control over
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