Analysis Of David And Goliath 's ' The Giants Game '

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David and Goliath is a book that talks about what happens when everyday people confront giants. Sometimes what we think is an advantage becomes a disadvantage. We realize that weakness becomes a strength as we learn to compensate for it. Trying to play the Giants game is rarely successful. To win against the Giants you have to try different strategies. Underdogs fight differently that giants do. When you face you giants these are some possible things that may happen when we face our giants.

You have to adopt a different strategy to win. In life we often miss-read the odds, assuming they are deeply stacked against them. In life the qualities that give us strength are the same as when we show our fear. It is tough
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Sometimes doing what you think is best is the right thing to do.
When we think dyslexia, we immediately cast the victim as the underdog in most situations. The reason why we do so is because we think in order to be successful in this competitive world, you have to be able to do everything better than your competitor does. When in reality you do not have to. David Boies, a world-renowned lawyer, had dyslexia. But he realized his weakness and made it his strength. Beginning at a young age, Boies realized he had a hard time reading, but instead of giving up, he tried harder. Boies would listen carefully and contently as someone spoke and his memory became a formidable instrument. This was Boies’ greatest strength: his ability to listen and keep everything he heard in his memory. Boies and many other dyslexics were not always successful at doing so. For example, Gary Cohn had discovered that he failed more than he succeeded. Gary realized that accepting the chance of failure made his life a whole lot easier, and sometimes more exciting. At a young age, he made a fateful decision to jump in a cab with a stock broker, who happened to be very high up in the ranks, and within an hour he was able to manipulate this man into believing that he was a successful options trader. The man bit the bait hook line and sinker, landing him a job and setting him up for a

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