Analysis Of David Brooks 's ' Hurricane Katrina '

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The essay that David brooks wrote about hurricane Katrina is a sarcastic bitter piece taking jabs at government, who he blames for the catastrophe. Specifically, he pointed out their plan of action toward the hurricane they knew was coming. Many from New Orleans were angry that the government did little to help them from this dangerous storm.
In his essay brooks stated, “Katrina was the most anticipated natural disaster in American history, and still government managed to fail at every level.” The plan was supposedly so well planned out, but didn 't prevent all this disaster from happening, and brooks mocks it several times using sarcasm and over-exaggeration as his main weapon.
Statistics show that 75% of the African Americans in New Orleans were affected compared to the 15% of African Americans in the Biloxi-Gulfport metropolitan area (Cutter and Gall, 5). It also states, “The calamitous combination of insured development certainly accounts for much of hurricane katrina’s damage, specifically in New Orleans.” All levels of government failed to do their part, which includes state and local government.
The author, Brooks, is bitter about how the whole situation was handled. The citizens were essentially left to defend for themselves instead of getting the support they needed. Obviously, the government could and should have made a more efficient plan to rescue and protect its citizens from a huge disaster. Because they failed to do so, they have to pay both the monetary
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