Analysis Of David Finkel 's ' War

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Context: Basically what the context of my book is, is war. The entire book is about the soldier’s lives during the war and how they experienced the war. Their emotions, their fears, their point of view are all apart of this whole book. I think that the whole purpose of this book written by David Finkel was to tell us or show us with great detail about how much of a terrifying, bloody, and deadly thing war is and how it drastically affects people such as the soldiers and the soldier’s families. “and then going home at night to the fiftieth. This is her husband, Kevin, who was blown up in Iraq, lost an eye, lost some of his brain, lost most of his hearing, lost his sense of smell, has some facial disfiguration, has a long list of diagnoses, including PTSD and TBI, and among his many surgical scars has one on the back of his head that Patti has affectionately suggested looks like a penis, which may be why he prefers to wear a cap.” David Finkel wrote the whole book with several great details. Finkel avoids using first person narration in these wartime stories and memoirs. He never passes judgement or criticizes the story. I think that Finkel just looks at the soldiers lives like it would be his life, he wants them to keep living, to keep enjoying life and not die in this horrific war. The author adds great detail and thoughtfulness to the story to describe the soldier’s tormented lives and the horrible, and depressing side effects from the war.
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