Analysis Of David Orr 's The Principle Of Mastering Oneself

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An important point in which David Orr goes into considerable detail about is his six principles to rethink education. First, he ensures that all education is environmental education by every mean. In western education particularly, students are more often taught that they are apart of taught that they are apart from the natural world, or above it if you will. Leesa Fawcett enforces this idea on page 107 by stating: “We have been taught to measure, manage, exploit the environment, to make money off of it on the back ' s of others near and far. We 've been encouraged to ignore it, to stay out of its messy dirty places. To ignore it is to ignore ourselves, our bodies, our forces and our relationships" Fawcett implies that undeniably students are being taught that education is the way to success and success means exploiting the environment and ignoring the importance of sustainability. Next Orr uses the Greek term, Paideia to formulate his principle of mastering oneself is the goal of education and subjects are the tools of doing so (Orr, 2004, pg. 9). The current education system looks at specializing in one particular subject, and being really knowledgeable in that subject alone is what education strives for. However, one simply cannot just study one specific subject with no reflection on others, because that is what aids one in formulating their own ideas and understandings of not only that subject but their position in the world as well. His idea calls upon

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