Analysis Of David Weaver 's Ecotourism

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David Weaver is a professor at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in Australia. He has a Ph.D. in Geography and has over 30 years of experience regarding tourism – and his specialities are within the areas of ecotourism, sustainable tourism and destination management. He has been both teaching and researching during his 30 years in the field, and also published academic books and other research materials. Some of his books are currently used in tourism courses at universities worldwide. There is a course called Globally Responsible Tourism at the Norwegian School of Hotel Management in Stavanger, which is mandatory for students studying a bachelor degree in tourism management. In this course Professor Weaver’s ecotourism book is used as the textbook, and in light of this course we became interested in sustainability and ecotourism in the first place. Luckily, he was teaching at the university we did our exchange semester at, and due to that we got the opportunity to interview him in person for this bachelor thesis. As already mentioned, the research question for this bachelor thesis is about how GBR can be seen as a sustainable destination. To figure this out, it is important to understand how tourism or visitors affect the GBR. During the interview with Weaver, he expresses himself about climate change, chemical waste, tourism impacts, global warming, etc. According to Weaver, tourism impacts includes that the good outcomes overwhelmed the negative impacts in GBR.…
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