Analysis Of Dbm 700 International Business Culture

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Question 1 : Assess critically the meaning of culture of society and its importance to international manager. What culture differences do you notice among your classmates ? How do those differences affect the class environment or your group projects ?
Answer 1: Culture of society means the people think and do as the members of the society or we can say in the simple words the way of life of a people live. Culture is basically made up of four things Material objects, Ideas, Behaviour, Values and Attitudes.
The importance of international manager is very important specially in the case of business contexts within the firm. For example, managers from a foreign parent company need to understand that local employees from the host country may require different organization structure and HRM procedures and this become easily for firms to sell their product and marketing their product successfully to their foreign customers.
The culture differences which i noticed among my classmates is that it affect group projects and class environment. It can affect the group projects in positive and negative way because in any group activities we are not able to express and communicate well it may be the language problem that creates problem in communication or may be we cannot express easily what we feel. Their are different words ,different accents which having different meanings and different ways to express. In my class their are different students

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