Analysis Of ' Death Of A Salesman, And Booker T. Washington 's Speech

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The American Dream

The Atlantic and Aspen Institute conducted a survey with Penn Schoen Berland to study how people viewed the American Dream in 2015. “72% said they are living the American Dream or expect to in their lifetime, 85% are happy with their lives overall, 72% are happy with their jobs, 86% are optimistic about the future, and 67% feel financially secure” (Feloni). One of the most memorable explanations of the American Dream was delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. for human equality. That said, the American Dream can be symbolized however the protagonist portrays and interprets it. Everyone’s opinion is a reality in their own eyes. This is factual in Arthur Miller’s play, “Death of a Salesman”, and Booker T. Washington’s speech, “The Atlanta Exposition.” The theme of both works uses a pathos approach to depict the obstacles they had to overcome in order to reach what they defined as the “American Dream.” The protagonists shared similarities as it relates to social acceptance, but their stories part different motifs of business success, monetary value, human equality, and compromise in an antagonist American Dream.
Social acceptance from being well-liked in general to simply fitting in with society as a colored person is vital in our world. Willy in “Death of a Salesman” is a husband, father of two boys, and an unsuccessful Salesman. He strives to gain materialistic things by means of charisma, because he believed that people would automatically respect and favor…

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