Analysis Of ' Death On The Pale Horse '

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This paper is going to analyze the context within which the work of art, "Death on the Pale Horse" was created. In addition, the paper will also discuss the medium that the artist selected and highlight a number of the other fascinating aspects of this Benjamin West painting.
Benjamin West first displayed his work of art in 1784 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, in conjunction with three different works that he had planned to paint. The artist used oil on canvas as his final medium and the painting measures twenty three by fifty inches. It is signed within the lower right corner "B. West 1796" and is now displayed at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Historians don 't seem to be certain whether or not the creator was in need of cash and
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The style that West used is described best through his choice of colors that are very warm, and thus, in all probability influenced other painters who were part of the Romantic era of the Nineteenth Century. What is distinctive regarding this specific painting is that it merges art with recreation. The theme is deep as a result of the many things that are happening within the background and the foreground. As an example, there are bodies with garments ripped of from the battle and a fallen horse at the front center of the painting; however, the background also contains many winged demons and murderers who ride in from some distant place.
As for the forms within the painting, they are realistic, and never flat. The horses are spherical and appear to be very strong; the lion 's claws are immense and tear blood from the flesh of the person the lion attacks. The forms are well accomplished and reinforce the drama of the scene, which the artist meant to depict. All of the shapes are meant to be full to provide weight and seriousness to the piece. None of the forms are lightweight or ethereal, even the clouds are giant and full. Most of the figures have significant shadowing and strips of highlight to deepen the distinction between the dark and lightweight colors.
With reference to the lines within the painting, every figure within the painting, including all of the ghosts that float in from heaven, are well carved. The lines are harsh
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