Analysis Of Debenhams Plc 's Annual Report

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Analysis of Debenhams plc’s Annual Report in 2014
Executive summary
The purpose of the report is to measure the performance, financial position and liquidity of the general retailer, Debenhams plc. Its operation would be compared to that of the prior year as well as that of a rival company in the same industry.

Debenhams plc is a general retailer which operates its business in the UK market and is also seeking to realise a further global market expansion. This report will mainly focus on the performance, financial position and the liquidity of Debenhams plc in 2014 and will compare with that of the previous year. A competitor in the same industry, Marks& Spencer, is chosen to make a comparison as well. The report in mainly focused on how Debenhams operated in the UK sector which includes sales from Debenhams stores in UK and online sales delivered to UK addresses. Debenhams faced challenges in 2014; the outcome for the first half was disappointing due to inappropriate sales target was set and the external factors such as market environment, as the whole retail industry has still influenced by the recession. Marks & Spencer is the competitor company which has been chosen to compare and measure Debenhams outcome in 2014.

During the first half, Debenhams plc’s performance is not positive and the results of the first six months brought some underlying problems to the forefront; Decisive actions were taken to improve the performance in the second

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