Analysis Of Def Jam's Under Pressure

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In today’s society of music, majority of artist’s albums tells their life story or a story from their imagination. However, not many artists can share their background in the same emotional way as Logic did with his debut album Under Pressure. Logic provides beautiful melodies and aggressive tones throughout the album to give a relaxing, easy listen that will make you want to keep it on replay. With his style of storytelling, a well-executed flow of lyrics with rhymes, and amazing production within the studio, Under Pressure will have music lovers wanting more from the talented hip hop artist.
Under Pressure is the first album created by Def Jam signed artist Logic. Released in 2014, the hip hop album contains twelve meaningful songs, giving
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Although this was his first album, he had already known that he was like no other artist. In the song “Soul Food,” he states “I swear this music in my genes like denim / Lyricism seeping, I’m like venom / Yes, I know the flow hotter than Lucifer / Even though Heaven sent him.” With each song that goes by, people will hear more and more bars go by that will leave them unable to sing along to the song, but still able to understand the words that he is saying. One of the most lyrically flowing rhyme schemes in the album comes from the song “Growing Pains III,” where without a stutter, he swiftly asserts “When will I lose my anonymity and become one with the enemy? / Tell me would I be the enemy, feel like nobody in front of me.” The song that possibly shows the most potential of his lyrics and flow, however, would have to be the song “Under Pressure.” In this nine-and-a-half-minute song, Logic tends to change his speed constantly, but does it in a way that does not alter the dynamics of the beats. A line from the second verse demonstrates that he knows the talent he obtains while stating rapidly, “Yeah my stress up, but I’m blessed up / F*** around and get messed up / When I murder the rhyme, I’m living divine / You know that I’m one of a kind.” In addition to the lyrics of the songs, listeners will also hear the production value behind them as
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